Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bronson Baseball '10 Sunday Style Edition

Welcome to the Sunday Style Edition!

Gavin Floyd should have stayed in bed this morning; one inning pitched with an ERA of 63.00 and a WHIP of 10.00. Look at the bright side Smell my Glove, at least he had 2 K's. You'd think with that crappy performance he was pitching out of the bullpen for Fear Franchise.
Save alert, save alert, save alert! Los Hernandez-ez got his first one of the year! I'm pretty suprised you hadn't dropped that bum Broxton by now! Speaking of Ramey, tough night at the office: respectable stats: .310 average, a dave, whip below 1.00 and -10 points on the night! Welcome back into the pack my friend!
Three hundred dollar side-bet update:
Franchise 63.5
Ricky Bo 61.5
Mannywood 58.0
She's a tight race early in the season!

a couple of points to ponder heading into the work week:
Ricky Bo's hitters are starting to wake up...
glad to see that Brett Anderson and Carlos Marmol are human afterall...but Matt Garza, give me a break!

Vernon Wells -------- 5 HR
Jay Bruce ----------- 2 HR

He'll catch up by the middle of May at the latest. That side bet with Jefford and McMahon was the easiest one of the season! :)

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