Saturday, April 3, 2010

Breaking down the predictions, One team at a time

Manywood 2010
Scouting Report - With only 45.5 points forecasted, Manywood needs BIG seasons from a couple of players to overcome some obvious weaknesses. This team is a Roy Halladay or Brian Roberts injury away from giving up on the season. Already forecasted with a weak RUN and SB ratio; Roberts is by far the best in both categories. Unless KungFu Panda can score 100 runs, I just don't see this current make-up competing in this area. I forecasted Roy Halladay much higher than his CHONE predictions. I gave him 22 wins, 210 ks, and 1.05 whip. Big seasons are a must from Webb and Edwin Jackson for Mannywood to move up in the pitching categories. Jay Bruce is a wild card player. He could go .300 30/100/100/15. If he does, Mannywood should be okay.

Jefford Natoin
Scouting Report - This team has much more potential than it's 53.0 points suggests. Jefford Nation ranked very poorly in the pitching categories. However, it wasn't because his pitchers were bad, it's because he does not have enough innings to go around! It's not likely that Kershaw, Carpenter, and Scherzer pitch 175 innings. Let's be honest, the more innings that Mark Buerhle pitchers for the Nation the worse his statistics will become. In my forecast, all of these pitchers stayed healthy, and his five relief pitchers averaged 60 innings pitched. Guess what? He's still over 250 innings shy from 1250! If you have something extra on your roster offer this man a trade for a decent SP! He's going to realize very quickly he needs another one. I suggest picking up Randy Wolfe, it worked for him last year! Also, Jefford dominated the power category. If he moves one of his boppers to the bench and inserts Borbon, he'll be much more balanced in RUNS, AVG, and SB. Bottom line, Jefford has the potential on his roster to move into the top 3.

Scouting Report
The balance offensively on this roster is very good. If his players improve their forecasted batting averages Hully13 could lead the way with the stick.
Pitching wise, I just see his ERA and WHIP being too fat to compensate. Bad ERA and WHIPS tend to lead to lower K's, less wins, and blown saves. This is area that needs to be addressed.

Harry Dingerz
Scouting Report
I think this team will outperform it's predictions. Offensively, I'm a big fan. If Dingerz can find a way to add some more SB I don't see any weaknesses at all.
Pitching wise, the potential is there for greatest. However, the potential goes both ways when looking a little bit closer.

Ravishing Rickbo
Scouting Report
Another team that will outperform their predictions. Offensively, this is the best power/speed team in the entire league. The AVG is a known problem, but it might be resolved on its own. BJ Upton is the wild card. Is he going to go .300/20/100/85/40or is he going to go .250/10/80/60/40. I guess time will tell! Pitching wise, the talent is there. The K potential with Marmol and Soriano as his number 1 and two closers is scary!

Brew Crew
Scouting Report:
Great offense, minus the Bombs and the RBIs. Having Figgins and Morgan in your line up pretty much sets you up in steals and runs, but cripples you in HR and RBIS. Hopefully he spins one of them into a power bat with a R or SB starved team comes a calling. Pitching wise, I just don't see it, but perhaps that's me. If Frank Francisco goes down with an injury, then Feliz is going to rack up a lot of saves.
Kuroda needs to stay healthy for Brew Crew to outperform his pitching forecast.

Choo Choo Train
Scouting Report:
This is a very interesting team. Very middle of the pack in terms of predictions. Not overly strong in any area, but also not weak in any area as well. The interesting thing with a team like this is that you have no idea how things are going to shake out. Even if the pitching outperfoms, what about the hitting? I like this team, I find it a very average,safe, consistent team. If roto baseball was a food, this team would be a club sandwich.

Smell the Glove
Scouting Report: Howard has a lot of pressure on him this season. Even if he hits 50bombs, this team still doesn't have enough power to compete. How long before Hamilton goes on the DL? If he stays healthy, this team obviously is in much better shape. I'm taking bets on who hits the DL first? Weekes, Hamilton, Peavy, or Duchscherer, Sheets, or Andrew Bailey. Smell the Glove doesn't need his team to exceed expectations to win the trophy, he just needs to pray to the injury Gods that the probable takes it easy on him in 2010.

Joba Hughes
Scouting Report:
I like the combination of speed and power on this team. I'm surprised this team managed to get 3 points in AVG with Uggla, Reynolds, Derosa, and McLouth all in his starting lineup. If these hitters average .275 this season, JOBA is in great shape. Pitching wise, I'm a big fan. Hansen was a steal and a potential Cy Young Candidate.

Fear Franchise
Scouting Report:
At least Fear is consistent. Last year was the only time in his Bronson Baseball life that he didnt finish last in HR. (thank-you Mr. Howard, Zimmerman, and Inge.)
Fear's 2010 roster can rake the hits, score a bunch a roles, and steal a lot of bases. He needs guys to step up to secure a couple of more points in HR and RBIs. Actually, he needs a miracle from God. Or, a couple of savy grades. Either will do. Pitching wise, Santana needs to stay healthy, ditto for Harden. Street needs to be back pitching by June 1st and Jimenez needs to take a step forward. If more than one of these doesn't happen, Fear can kiss the top five good-bye.

Blue Vajayjays
Scouting Report
No weaknesses on this team. I see them competing the entire season and only major injuries will slow them down. The wildcard of this team is Fransico Liriano. If he steps up and pitches the way he did this spring, he wins the entire league, no question about that.

Los Hernandez-ez
Scouting Report
My favourite team on paper. If Jose Reyes has 500 at bats this year, I just don't see how Ramey doesn't win the league. His hitting is consistent; nothing special, but very good overall.
Pitching wise, this team kicks some serious ass. Nolasco as a number 3 in a 12 team league? Forgetaboutit!
If Los Hernandez-ez adds another closer, he's going to be very tough to beat this season.

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