Sunday, August 8, 2010

Bronson Baseball 2010: Dog days of August

My apologies for the blog not being updated on a semi regular basis. I will do my best to get something out every two weeks going forward.

Konerko for Cheap is dominating the board. If he starts picking up some wins and stolen bases he is going to slowly run away with the lead.
Jefford Nation has been in the top three the entire season. He also has a very balanced attacked minus the stolen bases. My thinking is each one of these two teams might have one more trade up their sleeves before the deadline.
The Choo Choo Turtle has done a great job since draft day of having a very balanced, predictable approach. It has worked to the tune of third place and I believe he has enough consistency in the tank to stay within the money.
Joba Hughes can pound the baseball. If he starts making contact his offensive stats will be off the charts. Pitching wise, the horrible whip and era is keeping him from making a run at the championship. Finishing last in two stats and being this far up the rankings is very impressive.
Hairy Dingerz can certainly pitch the baseball. His pitching stats are probably the best in baseball. Unfortunately, the bats are well below averager which means a finish in the 65-71 point area.
Hully13 currently has the most average team in bronson baseball. He is not in the bottom three in any areas, but not in the top 3 either. Howevering around 5-6 points per category will result in a middle of the pack finish.
Coached by Fasanos has been making a slow climb since being in dead last in late June. I do not think he has enough juice to climb back into the money but he has been impressive in his comeback nonetheless.
Fears team just didnt have it this year. Losing his 2nd,3rd,4th, and 5th round picks to over month long injuries certainly did not help. He recently made a block buster trade officially punting the closers position in an attempt to hold off Jae Park and Ryan Hunt in the $100 side bet, best team out of the three takes all.
Ravishing Rick started out slow, rebounded, and has been petering out of late. His wins, once a strength, took a huge hit when he traded them away for other areas in late March. Average was a recognized weakness but the team is not scoring enough runs to compete. AROD has been a bit dissapointment for sure.
Poo Poo Pandas has had a poor offensive season. In fact, it would look a lot worse but I have not talked about the brew crew yet. ERA abd WHIP is the only thing keeping the panda in the side bet race.
The brew crew is setting a new standard for terrible offensives. We new he would steal bases and he has lived up to the billing. However, dead last in every other offensive cateogory only guarantees one thing in this league and that is last place.

The next blog in two weeks time will discuss each teams un-mvp(s) this season.