Sunday, August 8, 2010

Bronson Baseball 2010: Dog days of August

My apologies for the blog not being updated on a semi regular basis. I will do my best to get something out every two weeks going forward.

Konerko for Cheap is dominating the board. If he starts picking up some wins and stolen bases he is going to slowly run away with the lead.
Jefford Nation has been in the top three the entire season. He also has a very balanced attacked minus the stolen bases. My thinking is each one of these two teams might have one more trade up their sleeves before the deadline.
The Choo Choo Turtle has done a great job since draft day of having a very balanced, predictable approach. It has worked to the tune of third place and I believe he has enough consistency in the tank to stay within the money.
Joba Hughes can pound the baseball. If he starts making contact his offensive stats will be off the charts. Pitching wise, the horrible whip and era is keeping him from making a run at the championship. Finishing last in two stats and being this far up the rankings is very impressive.
Hairy Dingerz can certainly pitch the baseball. His pitching stats are probably the best in baseball. Unfortunately, the bats are well below averager which means a finish in the 65-71 point area.
Hully13 currently has the most average team in bronson baseball. He is not in the bottom three in any areas, but not in the top 3 either. Howevering around 5-6 points per category will result in a middle of the pack finish.
Coached by Fasanos has been making a slow climb since being in dead last in late June. I do not think he has enough juice to climb back into the money but he has been impressive in his comeback nonetheless.
Fears team just didnt have it this year. Losing his 2nd,3rd,4th, and 5th round picks to over month long injuries certainly did not help. He recently made a block buster trade officially punting the closers position in an attempt to hold off Jae Park and Ryan Hunt in the $100 side bet, best team out of the three takes all.
Ravishing Rick started out slow, rebounded, and has been petering out of late. His wins, once a strength, took a huge hit when he traded them away for other areas in late March. Average was a recognized weakness but the team is not scoring enough runs to compete. AROD has been a bit dissapointment for sure.
Poo Poo Pandas has had a poor offensive season. In fact, it would look a lot worse but I have not talked about the brew crew yet. ERA abd WHIP is the only thing keeping the panda in the side bet race.
The brew crew is setting a new standard for terrible offensives. We new he would steal bases and he has lived up to the billing. However, dead last in every other offensive cateogory only guarantees one thing in this league and that is last place.

The next blog in two weeks time will discuss each teams un-mvp(s) this season.


Sunday, May 16, 2010

Changes are a Plenty in BB'10

Sir Mash a Lot and Joba Hughes have been battling it out for first all week long. At point last night both were tied with 91.5 points but when the dust settled this morning SML has a 5.5 advantage.
Jefford is sitting comfortable in third but his season has been indecisve if it wants to go or down in the standings.
Fear has moved into fourth, as he predicted, as his injuried players begin to return. Bad news out of Colorado last night though; Sreet was pulled after 5 minutes in his double AA game with arm soreness. Back to the drawing board!
Hully and Fear have been trading spots for 3 days now. He's been camped out in the 70's for awhile now and I expect him to get back their shortly.
Choo Choo Train finally lost ground after holding steady at 70 for what seemed like an eternity. Don't worry, you'll be back.
7th place marks the last spot before the 'low tier' begins. Rickybo is holding ground with a very under performing roster. As the weather heats up so should this team.
Parkie resprsentings the best of of the 40-low 50 teams. At this point Halladay is keeping things from slipping away too much.
The Brew Crew, Dingerz, and Smell the Glove and packed together. The Crew has been the hottest team around with a lot of + nights this week. Then again, when you're in the 40's there generally is only one direction to go.
Jay Ramey takes the rear. I believe I cursed his team (which he agrees with) by making him my pre-season favourite. This roster is a lot of trouble right now. I know Jay doesn't panick but will be make a move when he's still under 60 points in the beginning of June. You can't wait too long Ramey!

On one final note:
Free Mike Stanton.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Changes are a Plenty in Bronson Baseball

It appears more and more that the 2010 version of Bronson Baseball will be the closet season to date. I don't think the winner will have 90 points this season and realistically I could see someone winning with as low as 83-85 points.

Jefford Nation, Sir Mash Alot, and Joba Hughes all took turns yesterday being in first place.

I now have Jefford as the favourite. He's done a great job addressing his pitching concerns. Gallardo and Soriano were excellent additions that will really help in ERA and strikeouts.
I'm not sold on a lot of wins for Gallardo because he has a hard time making it out of the 5th innings.
Hitting wise, Andruw Jones should, well, become Andruw Jones again soon. He'll hit for power against lefties, but that's about it come July.
However, Justin Upton still hasnt done anything yet. When the light goes on, and it will, this should help balance things out.

Sir Mash Alot has been cruising at the top of the standings all season and I did predict to finish 2nd overall.
I don't see any weaknesses on their roster. It's over performing in the power department, but some DL guys will pick up the slack when things cool down.
Great draft pick of Liriano. I really wanted him and gambled he would last one more round...he didnt.

Joba Hughes has slowly made his way up the ranks and briefly held onto 1st for about an hour yesterday.
Again, another roster that seems quite good as it is. He should slowly run away with saves, especially if Bell is not traded to be a set up man at the deadline. (big possibility of that.)
What happens when Texieria starts hitting? The one missing piece? Joba Chamberlain.

Tier Two

Choo Choo Train-
As I have been saying all year long, I expect Sinn and his counterparts to be in this tier all season. The club sandwich of the roto world, this team is as steady as steady can be. I predict a 68-73 point finish.

Fear Franchise-
Well, the only thing I was certain of going into the season is that my team could mash. hahaha, okay, so I thought I would have the least amount of power by far. Am I happy that I'm only 3 ding dongs out of first? Absolutely. Do I now think I can stay in the top 6 in power; yes I do. The main reason you ask? Mike Stanton of Florida. He is the best prospect in the minors not named Strasburg. He has 14 home runs, 31 RBIS, 30 RUNS, a .350 avg, a .500 OBA, and a .900 slugging percentage in Double A. Florida will release hell the first week of June and he'll be a staple in my outfield for the rest of the season.
Also, my pitching is on the way up, not down. I love my rotation of Jimenez, Santana, Marcum, Davis, and Pavano. I have Huston Street and Erik Bedard back in the fold in about 2 weeks, along with Jacoby Ellsbury and Carlos Betran. Be afraid Tier One, be very afraid.

Tier 3

Ravishing Rick Bo, Hairy Dingerz, and Halladay Homies.

Realistically, tier two and tier 3 have been close the entire season. Why did I break them up? Mostly to piss off Jae, as he currently has to be frustrated for his teams lack of production. Ryan's team is grossly under performing, but they mashed last night. I need to get hot so I can keep up with him late in the season.

Tier 4

Los Hernandez-ez
Brew Crew
Smell the Glove

Ramey, what the hell is going on? My first place prediction is in the gutter the second week of May.
The loss of Nelson Cruz certainly didnt help and I'm as surpised as anyone that Mauer got hurt, like that has never happened before! :)
Josh Beckett goes through phases like this so hang in there. The bullpen did a great job last night stranding his 10th and 11th earned runs for the game on 3rd and 2nd base respectively.
I'm starting to jump off your band wagon when I see the likes of Ty Wigginton in your starting lineup.
Were Carlos Silva and Zach Duke unavailable on the waiver wire? Hang in there, your team should come around but it has a lot of ground to make up.

Brew Crew

It hurts the running game with Kemp and Morgan have already been caught 13 times combined. That's more steals then some teams in our league! I prefer them get caught then to try at all though.
Aaron Hill will step up, hang in there. Fister and Silva....I can't comment on it. I like Fister, but not in roto.
Miguel Cabrera is having a monster thankful he's on your roster right now or you'd be in the bottom tier...errr, last place.

Smell the Glove
The pitching on this team is going to be fine, though it depends what jake peavy we're going to get the rest of the way.
We knew this team was going to be weak in power and rbis and they've proven that theory right with no overperformers. You know what you need to do...pitching for pop sometime before June.


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Side bet update

Halladays Hommies, Ravishing Rick Bo, and Fear Franchise have all stumbled out of the gate and have been side by side throughout the season. Over the last two weeks each of them have traded positions at least 5 times.

Fear Franchise-
Fear's hitting is confusing right now. His batters are slugging and running, something he did not predict when drafting. He thought his team would hit for a hit average (.290ish), get a ton of steals, and be weak in ding dongs and RBIs. As of this writing he's one homer from leading the league and batting only .280. The positive is that the average will most certainly go up and the power boost, though will most certainly crash, has been an added bonus.
His pitching is slowly improving thanks to his bullpen not getting shelled every night. Huston Street will be back in two weeks which will be a a nice bonus. My prediction of Ubaldo winning 20 games this year and being in consideration for the Cy Young with Halladay and Terrible Tim looks promising.

Ravishing Rick Bo-
The only place to go is up. His hitting is seriously underperforming. Infact, Guerreo is the only player who is exceeding expectations right now, and one might make an arguement for Upton. It's not a matter of if, but when for this offense.
However, his pitching is over performing. The ERA will most certainly go up and trading the ace from the best team in baseball is going to cost him some valuable wins down the road. In fact, I know think I can get wore wins this season than he can. Side bet anyone?

Halladays Homies-
Heyward was pulled in the 2nd inning tonight with an unknown injury, hopefully it wasnt serious. Without Heyward and Morneau I'm not sure if this season has registered any offensive stats this season. Good news on Roberts, he will not be out for the season. He plans on returning in 3-6 weeks if all goes well.
Pitching wise, Halladay carries the torch. Capps is having an amazing season. In fact, I wish Jae well because his two closers are MY closers in League of Champions. How can I say anything bad about the amazing combination of Capps and Franklin?

Franchise currently leads the race 65.5, 60.5 (RickyBo), 55.0 (Halladays). However, as I mentioned it before, this is changing daily. Parkie is currently covering in our other $100.00 side bet by beating me in League of Champions. In our 15 team league he currently sits first, while im right behind him in second.


Saturday, May 1, 2010

April Un-MVP's, aka Roster Cancers

This team was on fire during April with everyone performing and overperforming. If I had to pick on someone it would be Granderson. His line is 10 2 7 4 .221 which would probably make him the best player on Fear Franchise.

JOBA Hughes
This one is an easy call, Mark Teixeira 11 2 9 0 .136. When, not if he starts hitting should assist with balancing Joba's current overperformers.

I'd have to say Jason Frasor 9.2 0 3 13 8.38 2.59. He went from 2010 closer to someone who could get released very soon if he doesn't start putting it together. He, like the absurb Jim Johnson, no longer deserve to be on fantasy rosters.

Jefford Nation:
Brian McCann 8 2 8 1 .234. He's the number 3 catcher in baseball and not performing like it to date. He'll rebound and his numbers will be there come September but it will be Rickybo benefiting of the numbers, not J-Nation.

Choo Choo Train:
This team is performing well everywhere, just like i originally predicted. The Choo's must be upset with Jurrjens with a line of 24.0 0 0 15 6.38 1.38. No wins, low stike outs, high ERA, below avg WHIP equals bad month of April.

Ravishing Rick Bo:
Offensively, Ry has a lot of people fighting for this award. I had a long debate between A-rod and Sizemore, but ultimately I had to give the award to
Grady 10 0 9 2 .205. No power at all, terrible average, barely running; what happened to this guy?

Toledo Hairy Dingerz
I really should be giving the trophy to Fielder. 4 RBI's on the season, are you kidding me? However, I'm compelled to give the award to Beckham. I desperately wanted him in the draft as a super sub who could fill in at 2nd or 3rd base. With a current line of 4 1 1 0 .190 you'd think he's only played 3 or 4 games this season. Well, you'd be wrong as he has 42 at bats.

Los Hernandez-ez
Well, our pre-season champ is scuffling out of the gate. Josh Beckett is a big reason for it: 28.2 1 0 20 7.22 1.74. His current line is, well, how should I say it, absolutely horrible.

Halladays Hommies
Carlos Lee was expected to hit better than 9 0 5 1 .183. He's turned it on over the last seven days but he still has a long way to go. With Brian Roberts coming back soon Parkie's roster should start making a late May charge up the standings.

Fear Franchise
What a horrible, shitty, underperforming, offense. Get it together bitches! I need Ryan Howard and Ryan Zimmerman, two great Fear professionals, back.
The best hitter on the planet not named Albert is hitting 11 2 7 2 .279 thus far. Hanley, it's up to you to lead the way!

Smell the glove
Here's my issue: the two players I want to comment on, Peavy and Zobrist, were actually both question marks heading into the season. Would Peavy handle the transition to the AL well (28.2 0 0 22 7.85 1.81 )? Is Zobrist a good hitter after his break-out season (9 0 10 5 .241 ?) So far, the jury is still out on both of them.

The Brew Crew
Things are not looking very promising for the Brew Crew this year. Javier Vazquez needs to turn things around 20.0 1 0 18 9.00 1.80. He's playing for one of the best teams in baseball and the wins should be there.
It appears Carlos Silva is this April's version of Zack Duke. I barfed up my cereal when I realized he had made a fantasy baseball roto starting rotation. What the hell is happening in the baseball world this year?

Have a great weekend everyone,

Fear Franchise-

Sunday, April 25, 2010

April MVPS

1. Blue Vajayjays
Casey McGehee: .338 10/4/14/0
Who needs Ryan Zimmerman when you have this guy? McGehee is a big readon why the Jays are first out of the gate in April. Stolen bases are the only thing keeping this team under 100 points.

2. Hully13
Robinson Cano: .368 17/5/14/2
Everyone was predicting a breakout season and he's delivered so far batting in a run producers spot for the first time in his career.

3. Jefford Nation
Tyler Clippard: 3 Wins, 0.61 ERA, 0.75 WHIP
Clippard barely nudged out Kevin Gregg and Jorge Cantu for the award. Most sports forecasters predicted 3 Nationals wins in the month of April, not 3 from their 7th inning reliever.

4. Joba Hughes
Mark Reynolds: .254 13/7/20/1
The roto gold received no love on draft day. His average might be crap but he excels in every other category.

5. Choo-Choo Train
Ryan Braun: .366 14/5/20/4
As much as I hate giving the team MVP award to their 1st round selection he has done nothing but 'rake' since the opening pitch four weeks ago.

6. Halladays Homies, formly known as Mannywood 2010
Roy Halladay: 4 wins, .82 ERA, .88 WHIP, 28 k's.
We're looking at the major's first 25 game winner since the early 1990's. He's the best pitcher in baseball playing on the best offensive team in baseball. This usally equates to a good season.

7. Ravishing Rick Bo
Carlos Marmol: 0 wins, 3 saves, 19 ks (in 9 innings) .93 ERA, .93 WHIP.
Ryan's man crush is finally starting to pay off. His k rates have always been out of this world but he's now learning not to walk every other batter this season.

8. Fear Franchise
Ubaldo Jimenez: 4 wins, .95 ERA, 1.13 WHIP, 25 k's.
I thought Ubaldo would win 18-20 games this year for a very good Colorado baseball club. I didnt predict this start but I can't say he's surprised me. He is the best in baseball at keeping the ball in the park and that's extremely important when half of your starts are in Colorado.

9. Los Hernandez-ez
Vernon Wells: .306 16/7/13/1
He's starting to cool down but Jays fans have to happy with the 7 ding dongs in the month of April. Perhaps he's worth that 120 million dollar contract afterall? Nah, not a chance.

10. Hairy Dingerz
David Price: 3 wins, 2.20 ERA, 1.05 whip. 26 k's.
People tend to forget that he was the first overall pick a few years back and was a 'can't miss prospect'. He's put it all together this year and looks almost unhittable. The general rule in the baseball world is to draft players that Jae Park reaches on one year too early.

11. The Brew Crew
Miguel Cabrera .347 11/4/22/0
Miguel and Kemp are keeping the Brew Crew from have almost zero statistics to speak of. The return of Aaron Hill should start to boost the offense and get this team moving in the right direction.

12. Smell the Glove
Tim Lincecum: 4 wins, 1.00 ERA, .93 WHIP, 32 ks.
From a pitching perspective, Smell the Glove is having a great season.
Hitting wise? Peeeeeeeweuhhhhhhhhhhh! He's a Ryan Howard injury away from finishing last in every category minus stolen bases. Trade for pitching for some ding dongs!

Next up mid-week: April Un-MVPS: Team Killers


Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bronson Baseball '10 Sunday Style Edition

Welcome to the Sunday Style Edition!

Gavin Floyd should have stayed in bed this morning; one inning pitched with an ERA of 63.00 and a WHIP of 10.00. Look at the bright side Smell my Glove, at least he had 2 K's. You'd think with that crappy performance he was pitching out of the bullpen for Fear Franchise.
Save alert, save alert, save alert! Los Hernandez-ez got his first one of the year! I'm pretty suprised you hadn't dropped that bum Broxton by now! Speaking of Ramey, tough night at the office: respectable stats: .310 average, a dave, whip below 1.00 and -10 points on the night! Welcome back into the pack my friend!
Three hundred dollar side-bet update:
Franchise 63.5
Ricky Bo 61.5
Mannywood 58.0
She's a tight race early in the season!

a couple of points to ponder heading into the work week:
Ricky Bo's hitters are starting to wake up...
glad to see that Brett Anderson and Carlos Marmol are human afterall...but Matt Garza, give me a break!

Vernon Wells -------- 5 HR
Jay Bruce ----------- 2 HR

He'll catch up by the middle of May at the latest. That side bet with Jefford and McMahon was the easiest one of the season! :)