Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Side bet update

Halladays Hommies, Ravishing Rick Bo, and Fear Franchise have all stumbled out of the gate and have been side by side throughout the season. Over the last two weeks each of them have traded positions at least 5 times.

Fear Franchise-
Fear's hitting is confusing right now. His batters are slugging and running, something he did not predict when drafting. He thought his team would hit for a hit average (.290ish), get a ton of steals, and be weak in ding dongs and RBIs. As of this writing he's one homer from leading the league and batting only .280. The positive is that the average will most certainly go up and the power boost, though will most certainly crash, has been an added bonus.
His pitching is slowly improving thanks to his bullpen not getting shelled every night. Huston Street will be back in two weeks which will be a a nice bonus. My prediction of Ubaldo winning 20 games this year and being in consideration for the Cy Young with Halladay and Terrible Tim looks promising.

Ravishing Rick Bo-
The only place to go is up. His hitting is seriously underperforming. Infact, Guerreo is the only player who is exceeding expectations right now, and one might make an arguement for Upton. It's not a matter of if, but when for this offense.
However, his pitching is over performing. The ERA will most certainly go up and trading the ace from the best team in baseball is going to cost him some valuable wins down the road. In fact, I know think I can get wore wins this season than he can. Side bet anyone?

Halladays Homies-
Heyward was pulled in the 2nd inning tonight with an unknown injury, hopefully it wasnt serious. Without Heyward and Morneau I'm not sure if this season has registered any offensive stats this season. Good news on Roberts, he will not be out for the season. He plans on returning in 3-6 weeks if all goes well.
Pitching wise, Halladay carries the torch. Capps is having an amazing season. In fact, I wish Jae well because his two closers are MY closers in League of Champions. How can I say anything bad about the amazing combination of Capps and Franklin?

Franchise currently leads the race 65.5, 60.5 (RickyBo), 55.0 (Halladays). However, as I mentioned it before, this is changing daily. Parkie is currently covering in our other $100.00 side bet by beating me in League of Champions. In our 15 team league he currently sits first, while im right behind him in second.



  1. I love how you only update when you are in the lead....

  2. glad i can keep my loyal follers happy! :)
    When I updated the blog it was a close race; now you're in the dumper!