Sunday, May 16, 2010

Changes are a Plenty in BB'10

Sir Mash a Lot and Joba Hughes have been battling it out for first all week long. At point last night both were tied with 91.5 points but when the dust settled this morning SML has a 5.5 advantage.
Jefford is sitting comfortable in third but his season has been indecisve if it wants to go or down in the standings.
Fear has moved into fourth, as he predicted, as his injuried players begin to return. Bad news out of Colorado last night though; Sreet was pulled after 5 minutes in his double AA game with arm soreness. Back to the drawing board!
Hully and Fear have been trading spots for 3 days now. He's been camped out in the 70's for awhile now and I expect him to get back their shortly.
Choo Choo Train finally lost ground after holding steady at 70 for what seemed like an eternity. Don't worry, you'll be back.
7th place marks the last spot before the 'low tier' begins. Rickybo is holding ground with a very under performing roster. As the weather heats up so should this team.
Parkie resprsentings the best of of the 40-low 50 teams. At this point Halladay is keeping things from slipping away too much.
The Brew Crew, Dingerz, and Smell the Glove and packed together. The Crew has been the hottest team around with a lot of + nights this week. Then again, when you're in the 40's there generally is only one direction to go.
Jay Ramey takes the rear. I believe I cursed his team (which he agrees with) by making him my pre-season favourite. This roster is a lot of trouble right now. I know Jay doesn't panick but will be make a move when he's still under 60 points in the beginning of June. You can't wait too long Ramey!

On one final note:
Free Mike Stanton.

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