Saturday, May 8, 2010

Changes are a Plenty in Bronson Baseball

It appears more and more that the 2010 version of Bronson Baseball will be the closet season to date. I don't think the winner will have 90 points this season and realistically I could see someone winning with as low as 83-85 points.

Jefford Nation, Sir Mash Alot, and Joba Hughes all took turns yesterday being in first place.

I now have Jefford as the favourite. He's done a great job addressing his pitching concerns. Gallardo and Soriano were excellent additions that will really help in ERA and strikeouts.
I'm not sold on a lot of wins for Gallardo because he has a hard time making it out of the 5th innings.
Hitting wise, Andruw Jones should, well, become Andruw Jones again soon. He'll hit for power against lefties, but that's about it come July.
However, Justin Upton still hasnt done anything yet. When the light goes on, and it will, this should help balance things out.

Sir Mash Alot has been cruising at the top of the standings all season and I did predict to finish 2nd overall.
I don't see any weaknesses on their roster. It's over performing in the power department, but some DL guys will pick up the slack when things cool down.
Great draft pick of Liriano. I really wanted him and gambled he would last one more round...he didnt.

Joba Hughes has slowly made his way up the ranks and briefly held onto 1st for about an hour yesterday.
Again, another roster that seems quite good as it is. He should slowly run away with saves, especially if Bell is not traded to be a set up man at the deadline. (big possibility of that.)
What happens when Texieria starts hitting? The one missing piece? Joba Chamberlain.

Tier Two

Choo Choo Train-
As I have been saying all year long, I expect Sinn and his counterparts to be in this tier all season. The club sandwich of the roto world, this team is as steady as steady can be. I predict a 68-73 point finish.

Fear Franchise-
Well, the only thing I was certain of going into the season is that my team could mash. hahaha, okay, so I thought I would have the least amount of power by far. Am I happy that I'm only 3 ding dongs out of first? Absolutely. Do I now think I can stay in the top 6 in power; yes I do. The main reason you ask? Mike Stanton of Florida. He is the best prospect in the minors not named Strasburg. He has 14 home runs, 31 RBIS, 30 RUNS, a .350 avg, a .500 OBA, and a .900 slugging percentage in Double A. Florida will release hell the first week of June and he'll be a staple in my outfield for the rest of the season.
Also, my pitching is on the way up, not down. I love my rotation of Jimenez, Santana, Marcum, Davis, and Pavano. I have Huston Street and Erik Bedard back in the fold in about 2 weeks, along with Jacoby Ellsbury and Carlos Betran. Be afraid Tier One, be very afraid.

Tier 3

Ravishing Rick Bo, Hairy Dingerz, and Halladay Homies.

Realistically, tier two and tier 3 have been close the entire season. Why did I break them up? Mostly to piss off Jae, as he currently has to be frustrated for his teams lack of production. Ryan's team is grossly under performing, but they mashed last night. I need to get hot so I can keep up with him late in the season.

Tier 4

Los Hernandez-ez
Brew Crew
Smell the Glove

Ramey, what the hell is going on? My first place prediction is in the gutter the second week of May.
The loss of Nelson Cruz certainly didnt help and I'm as surpised as anyone that Mauer got hurt, like that has never happened before! :)
Josh Beckett goes through phases like this so hang in there. The bullpen did a great job last night stranding his 10th and 11th earned runs for the game on 3rd and 2nd base respectively.
I'm starting to jump off your band wagon when I see the likes of Ty Wigginton in your starting lineup.
Were Carlos Silva and Zach Duke unavailable on the waiver wire? Hang in there, your team should come around but it has a lot of ground to make up.

Brew Crew

It hurts the running game with Kemp and Morgan have already been caught 13 times combined. That's more steals then some teams in our league! I prefer them get caught then to try at all though.
Aaron Hill will step up, hang in there. Fister and Silva....I can't comment on it. I like Fister, but not in roto.
Miguel Cabrera is having a monster thankful he's on your roster right now or you'd be in the bottom tier...errr, last place.

Smell the Glove
The pitching on this team is going to be fine, though it depends what jake peavy we're going to get the rest of the way.
We knew this team was going to be weak in power and rbis and they've proven that theory right with no overperformers. You know what you need to do...pitching for pop sometime before June.


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