Saturday, May 1, 2010

April Un-MVP's, aka Roster Cancers

This team was on fire during April with everyone performing and overperforming. If I had to pick on someone it would be Granderson. His line is 10 2 7 4 .221 which would probably make him the best player on Fear Franchise.

JOBA Hughes
This one is an easy call, Mark Teixeira 11 2 9 0 .136. When, not if he starts hitting should assist with balancing Joba's current overperformers.

I'd have to say Jason Frasor 9.2 0 3 13 8.38 2.59. He went from 2010 closer to someone who could get released very soon if he doesn't start putting it together. He, like the absurb Jim Johnson, no longer deserve to be on fantasy rosters.

Jefford Nation:
Brian McCann 8 2 8 1 .234. He's the number 3 catcher in baseball and not performing like it to date. He'll rebound and his numbers will be there come September but it will be Rickybo benefiting of the numbers, not J-Nation.

Choo Choo Train:
This team is performing well everywhere, just like i originally predicted. The Choo's must be upset with Jurrjens with a line of 24.0 0 0 15 6.38 1.38. No wins, low stike outs, high ERA, below avg WHIP equals bad month of April.

Ravishing Rick Bo:
Offensively, Ry has a lot of people fighting for this award. I had a long debate between A-rod and Sizemore, but ultimately I had to give the award to
Grady 10 0 9 2 .205. No power at all, terrible average, barely running; what happened to this guy?

Toledo Hairy Dingerz
I really should be giving the trophy to Fielder. 4 RBI's on the season, are you kidding me? However, I'm compelled to give the award to Beckham. I desperately wanted him in the draft as a super sub who could fill in at 2nd or 3rd base. With a current line of 4 1 1 0 .190 you'd think he's only played 3 or 4 games this season. Well, you'd be wrong as he has 42 at bats.

Los Hernandez-ez
Well, our pre-season champ is scuffling out of the gate. Josh Beckett is a big reason for it: 28.2 1 0 20 7.22 1.74. His current line is, well, how should I say it, absolutely horrible.

Halladays Hommies
Carlos Lee was expected to hit better than 9 0 5 1 .183. He's turned it on over the last seven days but he still has a long way to go. With Brian Roberts coming back soon Parkie's roster should start making a late May charge up the standings.

Fear Franchise
What a horrible, shitty, underperforming, offense. Get it together bitches! I need Ryan Howard and Ryan Zimmerman, two great Fear professionals, back.
The best hitter on the planet not named Albert is hitting 11 2 7 2 .279 thus far. Hanley, it's up to you to lead the way!

Smell the glove
Here's my issue: the two players I want to comment on, Peavy and Zobrist, were actually both question marks heading into the season. Would Peavy handle the transition to the AL well (28.2 0 0 22 7.85 1.81 )? Is Zobrist a good hitter after his break-out season (9 0 10 5 .241 ?) So far, the jury is still out on both of them.

The Brew Crew
Things are not looking very promising for the Brew Crew this year. Javier Vazquez needs to turn things around 20.0 1 0 18 9.00 1.80. He's playing for one of the best teams in baseball and the wins should be there.
It appears Carlos Silva is this April's version of Zack Duke. I barfed up my cereal when I realized he had made a fantasy baseball roto starting rotation. What the hell is happening in the baseball world this year?

Have a great weekend everyone,

Fear Franchise-

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